'Laura Veltz on Her Songwriter of the Year Grammy

Her Songwriter of the Year Grammy

When the

slate of Grammy nominees was announced on Tuesday (Nov

But to

be nominated in the inaugural year of an all-genre category dedicated to songwriters is another

“I’m still

sort of in shock about the whole thing, just because of its historical nature,”

Fittingly, Veltz

says she was entering a writing session in Nashville with co-writer Alyssa Vanderheym when she

“I started

getting so many text messages that just said, ‘Congratulations!’ and it took me a full

[Alyssa] was

getting like 50,000 phone calls, just like I was, so our co-writer was like, ‘You guys

’ So we

did, we bailed on the session and celebrated and I went home and hugged my

What does

this nomination mean to you, personally — as it is recognizing an overall body of work

It is

so centralized to my life experience — but it’s weird having my name in the

I’ve been

nominated for Grammys before, but it’s so tough within the wordage that it’

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