'‘Leaving to Remain’ Sheds Light on Challenges Facing Roma

Sheds Light on Challenges Facing Roma

hlava International Documentary

Film Festival screened a compelling collection of films focused on Roma inequality issues in

One of

the most moving, “Leaving to Remain,” which follows three Roma figures who have emigrated from

, survived a

host of challenges to become a telling story of change and possibility

“When you

have a system that segregates Roma kids just because they are Roma, they don’t

“And then

they are going to be blamed because they are poor – but the poverty comes with

“Leaving to

Remain” is the third film the director has made exploring issues facing the minority – Europe’

years ago,

enabling them to fully integrate into regular schools, after which each managed to build an

“When you

have a half a million people emigrating from the Czech Republic and Slovakia when you

What’s more,

the doc’s subjects are also committed to helping others like themselves, says Erdevič

, says the

director, most Roma who have moved will say it’s to give their kids a

Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell

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