'Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ From

‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ From

With one

“Encanto” song — the ubiquitous “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” — at No

“We Don’t

Talk About Bruno” is one of the biggest singles of the year

The challenge

of the piece was always — and remains — that there are so many characters

Plus, it

was amplified by the fact that I was in lockdown with my in-laws at the

So my

brother-in-law was like “Is this song about me?,” because he was living with us

And the

[song’s] name got me halfway there, and then I actually pulled an all-nighter, figuring

Did you

know when you were writing it where it would be in the musical? Like, I

Yes, I

knew it was sort of the end of Act One, and I knew that it

But I

knew it was a great chance to check in with the cast members who don’

That’s a

really fun thing about the whole process: When you’re there early enough, your

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