'‘Little America’ Season 2 Trailer: Eight New Immigrant Stories

2 Trailer: Eight New Immigrant Stories

Apple has

released the trailer for the second season of its anthology series “Little America,” which chronicles

Gordon and

Kumail Nanjiani, and is based on Epic Magazine’s photo essay series of the same

The second

season is set to premiere with all episodes on the streamer on December 9

The first

collaboration will be with Ellen Mirojnick, “Bridgerton’s” costume designer and jewelry designer Monica Rich

This partnership

will produce a fine jewelry collection that encapsulates the romantic world of the series

Kosann and

Mirojnick designed three core styles for the collection: a poesy ring, a charm and a

The partnership

will continue into 2023 with fine jewelry collections consisting of special, limited edition pieces

Catwoman is

joining Cartoonito preschool animated series “Batwheels” this month, and the stealthy anti-hero will be voiced

The upcoming

episode, “Rev and Let Rev,” will premiere Monday, November 21 on Cartoon Network’s Cartoonito block

Animation, marking

DC’s first-ever “Batman” preschool series

Blueface Arrested Following Shooting

in Las Vegas