'Manifest Season 4 Explained: Zeke Dead, Love Triangle, Angelina’s

Explained: Zeke Dead, Love Triangle, Angelina’s

Spoiler alert:

This article discusses all plot points from the first 10 episodes of Season 4 of “Manifest

The first

10 episodes of “Manifest’s” fourth season have now dropped on Netflix, after a labored birth

How would

you describe what’s happening with Angelina’s hand fusing with the sapphire?

She’s so

desperate to get this sapphire for herself that she does the unthinkable: Sticks her

We see

it effectively soldered into her hand, and now she and sapphire are one and the

You can

deduce from that that she now is more powerful than ever, that whatever dark power

And to

whatever extent one needs sapphire in order to save the passengers, one is going to

As it

is right now, the passengers are going to assume Angelina is gone, right? Ben [Josh

And it’s

kind of a secret between us, the viewers and Angelina, that she’s even

And as

we watch her in that final scene head off into the darkness, trailed by these

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