'Megan, White Lotus, Avatar Parodied on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Avatar Parodied on ‘Saturday Night Live’

“M3GAN” star

Allison Williams made a cameo on “Saturday Night Live” spoofing a trailer for the

0, celebrating the

doll’s status as a gay icon on NBC’s Jan

The trailer

— featuring both host Aubrey Plaza and Chloe Fineman as the doll — declares the movie is

“It’s like

‘Bros,’ but for gays,” read one fake review from Variety


Plaza suggests hitting a drag show and doing poppers, and as she threatens to

In another

sketch, Fineman portrayed Jennifer Coolidge in “White Lotus” in the parody, “The Black Lotus

I must

have left it in the limousine, is that OK, can you trust me?” asks FIneman

“Avatar: The Way

of Water” gets a cheeky SNL parody with Aubrey Plaza

An announcer

then intones: “Coming soon to HBO, Black Lotus

All the

decadence, all the intrigue, none of the foolishness

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