'Michale Boganim on ‘Tel Aviv Beirut’

‘Tel Aviv Beirut’

Set in

Northern Israel, the film tells the journey of two families on each side of the

In particular,

it sheds light on the little-known story of Lebanese people who collaborated with the Israeli

Also, because

my father experienced war, I began to realize that this war is trans generational

And then

I discovered a story of this Lebanese people while living in Israel

It was

by chance that I went to restaurant in north of Israel at the time and

I didn’t

know about these Lebanese people who escaped Lebanon, because they collaborated with Israel

When there

was no war, when there was peace, they closed the border instead of opening it

It’s very

contradictory that the border opens only when there was war

It was

a choice because it was the only way for me to be able to gather

It may

be the first time in history that you have Lebanese and Israeli actors working together

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