'Michele Placido on ‘Orlando’: ‘One of the Most Beautiful

‘Orlando’: ‘One of the Most Beautiful

Orlando Zurro,

played by Michele Placido, has never left his Italian mountain village

His wife

died a long time ago, and their only child, Valerio, dreaming of other ways of

But when

Valerio, who is sick, calls for help, it is his face that speaks for him

Presented out

of competition at the 40th Torino Film Festival before its Italian release on Dec

The main

protagonist jumps on the first train to Brussels, without even having a valid ID, to

His journey

will instead be one of discovery of the world his son had built for himself

A world

in which lively Lyse (Angelica Kazankova), Valerio’s 12-year-old daughter, whom Orlando didn’t even

Without ever

overdoing it, the strength of feelings infused in it makes this “modern tale,” as it

The emotional

charge of the film was there from the start: Orlando is the name of the

“Daniele Vicari

is a director who knows exactly how to tell the story of two seemingly contrasting

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