'Ministry Unpacks Ideas on India as a Content Hub

on India as a Content Hub

Apurva Chandra,

Secretary for Information and Broadcasting Ministry, on Thursday confirmed plans to create a national streaming

The move

is an integral part of plans to promote India as a global content hub

“We are

planning to do that on the website so that not just NFDC co-produced and produced

Because some

of those who are producing in India are not able to get a market otherwise


platform can be used to focus on such talent and promote good quality content also,”

He was

speaking in Goa ahead of a panel at NFDC’s Film Bazaar which discussed the

Chandra also

confirmed a focus on supporting the animation, visual effects and gaming sectors

“In India

the cost would be a quarter or a fifth of what it is in the

and Europe

and the quality is actually at par with Hollywood films

Each game

is content-driven innovation, which is running on very heavy production

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