'Morat on ‘No Se Va’ Going Viral & More

Se Va’ Going Viral & More

While performances

were among the show’s highlights, there were also red carpet interviews and a speech

The Colombian

band’s 2019 single “No Se Va” is currently having a moment — thanks to a cover

Their norteño

rendition of the their norteño the track “No Se Va” became only the

57 high

after entering the all-genre songs chart in early October

About Frontera

breathing fresh air into their single, Morat told Billboard this on the red carpet: “When

“Wow this

is crazy,” she said as she giggled her way to the stage

“I am

such a big fan of Alexia and I had no idea that she would be

Ricky Montaner

on “Llorar, Llorar” being a gift that keeps on giving

“It’s one

of my favorite songs that we’ve done in our entire career,” Ricky, of

“It’s a

song that’s given us joy and has evolved organically with time

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