'Morris Day & The Time to Receive Legend Award

The Time to Receive Legend Award

Iconic 80’s

funk band Morris Day & The Time will receive the Legend Award at 2022 Soul Train

The band

had four gold albums, with 1984’s Ice Cream Castle going platinum

Other recent

winners include Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Erykah Badu, Toni Braxton, Teddy Riley, Babyface, Kool &

Hosted by

comedian and actor Deon Cole, the 2022 Soul Train Awards premieres Sunday, Nov

Day went

to school with Prince Rogers Nelson and sang in Grand Central, Prince’s first band

In 1984,

Morris Day & The Time appeared in Purple Rain, which captured the exploding Minneapolis music scene

The following

year, Day launched his solo career, releasing three albums: Color of Success (1985), Daydreaming (1987), and Guaranteed (1992)

“Our first

major TV appearance was in 1981 on Soul Train with Don Cornelius

And 41

years later, to be honored with the Soul Train Awards Legend Award is what we call

“Their unique

sound, style, and artistry continue to serve as inspiration to music lovers and recording artists

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