'National Geographic Channel Acquires Latin American Rights to Elizabeth

Acquires Latin American Rights to Elizabeth

Limonero Films

has acquired the film for distribution outside Latin America

She hopes

the film “will help battle misconceptions and give Western audiences a better comprehension of Chinese

She adds:

“We can do better, and we should do better, to understand the other side

It will

only be then that we can drive real impact and stop the illegal wildlife trade

Unger first

became interested in the protection of wildlife in Bolivia when she was a biology student

She was

just 19 when she visited the country for the first time in 2009 as a volunteer working

And back

then, when I was more focused on photojournalism and writing, I still had never really

I thought

the story would be fascinating, you know, a story about wildlife trafficking in Latin America,

I mean,

everyone was focused on elephants and rhinos in Africa

“Tigre Gente” (Courtesy

of Wanderlust Productions/Violet Films)

Singapore Drag Queen Film

‘Baby Queen’ Set to Play at