'Netflix’s Ad-Tier Model Stirs Debate Among U.K. Marketeers

Stirs Debate Among U.K. Marketeers

marketers are

keenly anticipating — and debating — all the uncharted prospects inspired by the Nov

3 release

of Netflix’s less expensive and potentially game-changing ad-tier model

As the

streaming service makes substantial changes to its infrastructure and embeds advertising into its strategy — having

ratings measurement

agency BARB — these adjustments suggest a more upfront approach in how it will conduct business

But will

the addition of ads threaten the streamer’s competency in an already over-saturated market? And

navigating challenging

political and economic times, it’s a complex moment for Netflix to launch its ad

Netflix’s expansion

into advertising promises marketable opportunities as it offers audience segmentation according to genre, geography

The service

says it will run four minutes of advertising per hour of content, with limits on

Film ads

will be delivered in a pre-roll format of 15-30 seconds and be relevant to the

“This ad-funded

experience could become an irritation,” says Dan Hulse, CSO at creative agency St

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