'Oliver Stone Talks Human Rights: ‘America Should Look to

Human Rights: ‘America Should Look to

As jury

president of the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, Oliver Stone is taking his

You know,

there’s a whole new world and they’re learning how to use film to

Stone alluded

to these changes in his remarks at the opening ceremony: “You see the changes that

I think

people who judge too harshly should come and visit this place and see for themselves

It was

a remark that was bound to cause controversy among critics of the Kingdom’s human

“I meant

what I said,” the “Platoon” and “JFK” director made clear

“Human rights,

Jesus Christ! […] America should look to itself with Julian Assange before they start criticizing other

I don’t

think they should be pointing any fingers at anybody

” Stone cites

the Iraq War as a particularly egregious example of heavy-handed American intervention

He continues:

“Now they’re arguing about women in Iran? What about here? They’re making tremendous

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