'On Set with ‘Veneno’ Creators Los Javis Shooting ‘La

‘Veneno’ Creators Los Javis Shooting ‘La

In “La

Mesías,” their follow-up as writers-directors to ‘Veneno,’ an HBO Max pickup for the U

In it,

Enric, in the modern-day, is heavily impacted watching a viral video of a five-sister Christian

Enric himself

is still battling childhood memories marked by religious fanaticism and a mother with delirious messianic

Variety caught up

with them on set and savoured the singular shooting style of two partners who

Lola Dueñas,

co-star of “Veneno” as its go-getting TV reporter, plays Montserrat, the family’s mother

In the

scene caught on set, she breaks the news of the father’s imminent departure to

Not so

Montserrat who throws a tizzy fit, laced with religious references, taking the departure out on

” The young

daughters cringe; one, the eldest, tries to comfort a younger sister; Montserrat retreats to her

“It’s very

difficult to unlearn what you’ve been taught – I’m talking about education – the

The series

talks about religion, but as a form of education and this is what makes it

Company Posts $1.2B in

Revenue, Overall Loss in Q3