'Oscar Hopeful Dania Bdeir Lands Producers for Debut Feature

Bdeir Lands Producers for Debut Feature

  The film

is currently shortlisted for the 2023 César Awards

Sarraf is

producing the feature with Yousefi serving as the co-production partner

 Ne a Beyrouth

Films was also a producer on  “Warsha,” which follows a Syrian migrant working as

In “Pigeon

Wars,” Rana, 20, a competitive young woman trying to avoid a difficult secret from her past,

With the

help of Hassan, a kindred spirit with an inner struggle of his own, she embarks

Said Bdeir:

“‘Pigeon Wars¡ is about liberating ourselves of whatever internal shackles that prevent us from moving

Just like

the pigeons they train, Hassan and Rana can spread their wings and conquer the skies

It’s about

daring to fly free but also having the choice to go home

“Pigeon Wars”

has so far received development financing from Telefilm Canada

  It was

selected for the Torino Film Lab x DFI Hezaya Screenwriting Lab, Cine Qua Non Storylines,

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for 2023-2024