'Oscars: Antoine Fuqua’s ‘Emancipation’ With Will Smith, Ben Foster

‘Emancipation’ With Will Smith, Ben Foster

Following his

slapping of the comedian at the 94th Oscars, Smith resigned from AMPAS and was banned

However, that

doesn’t preclude the “King Richard” best actor winner from being nominated or even winning

Nor should

it prevent Antoine Fuqua’s film from being considered for accolades

The film

tells the story of Peter (Smith), a runaway slave who sets out through the swamps

His bearing

as he traverses the rigorous terrain is reminiscent of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar-winning work in “

Smith’s performance

as Peter is more impressive than his Richard Williams in “King Richard” — and I

As for

Smith’s chances of being nominated, the industry and cultural divide between supporters and naysayers

I see

an eerie parallel between the behavior of Academy voters and the quiet support of Donald

Nevertheless, when

it came time to put the pen to the pad and vote, they checked off

That could

be the narrative for Smith, although if he does manage a nom, the media and

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