'Pantelion Films and Pantaya CEO Paul Presburger Exits

Pantaya CEO Paul Presburger Exits

Paul Presburger,

who served as CEO of Hispanic showbiz leader Pantelion Films and Spanish-language streaming service Pantaya,

Presburger is

credited for steering Pantelion Films, founded in 2010, to become the first major Latino Hollywood studio

 through our highly

successful launch and recent sale to TelevisaUnivision

“Of all

the things we accomplished, I am most proud of the opportunities and careers we championed

As I

move on, I am looking forward to working with them on more ground-breaking premium content,”

“Paul is

a visionary and an amazing business partner,” said Pablo Cruz, El Estudio president of production,

“I always

enjoyed working with him; he’s a friend, an ally and an amazing partner

I always

admired his vision since I met him 20 years ago,” said Cruz

As the

architect of Pantaya and Pantelion, Paul has long had his finger on the pulse of

and around

the world, building audiences and careers, and we look forward to continuing to work with

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