'PIAS Indie Label Group Sold Universal Music Group a

Group Sold Universal Music Group a

Universal Music

Group (UMG) has purchased a 49% stake in the indie label group [PIAS], expanding on a

As part

of the deal, [PIAS] founders Kenny Gates and Michel Lambot will retain control of the

In March

2021, [PIAS] rebranded its distribution and services arm to [Integral], bringing on a new managing director

The newly

announced minority investment is said to be an extension of that initial deal

“These days

we are competing with finance and tech giants and a partner like Universal Music Group

“Universal made

it clear that they like us, they trust us and they need us, because they

For Michel

and I this is our life’s work and an ongoing journey and I am

This move

makes us stronger and secures the future of our brand, our staff and our partners

This deal

with [PIAS] presumably expands UMG’s access to independent distribution moving forward

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