'‘Queen Sugar’ Series Finale: Ava DuVernay Unpacks the Bordelons

Finale: Ava DuVernay Unpacks the Bordelons

After seven

seasons, the Bordelon family’s journey came to an end

“Queen Sugar”

signed off on Tuesday night with a poetic series finale centered around the importance of

Series creator

Ava DuVernay wrote the finale, titled “For They Existed,” and returned to the director’s

(To note:

the remaining 85 episodes were directed exclusively by other women filmmakers, 41 of them to be exact

“In the

end, there was no sadness; I was just so pleased, so proud

It was

a satisfaction that was so deep, I hadn’t experienced it before

Winfrey chimed

in to explain why it was the right time to say goodbye: “It’s never

Going into

the finale, though, “Queen Sugar” fans had a few questions about how things would end:

DuVernay answered

some of those questions quickly — the opening scene reveals that Hollywood has become “St

Joe’s newest,

Blackest, beautiful-est school board member” — and others shockingly

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