'‘Radical Dreamer’ Director on How He Persuaded Werner Herzog

on How He Persuaded Werner Herzog

Thomas von

Steinaecker first reached out to Werner Herzog in 2020 about making a documentary surveying the prolific

Von Steinaecker’s

peers told him that he would never hear back from Herzog

In that

time, von Steinaecker completed “Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer

” The 103-minute

feature documentary chronicles not just Herzog’s 60-year career, but also explores what makes Herzog

German-born von

Steinaecker discovered Herzog in his early teens when he turned on the television and watched “

” From that

moment on, von Steinaecker was “fascinated” with the director

“Everything about

(‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’) was shockingly different and strange,” he says

“The music,

Klaus Kinski, the story and, last but not least, the documentary-style camera

The fact

that such a film had been made in – from a cinematic point of view – boring

“Both (books)

left a lasting impression on me as a writer and have no equal in German

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