'Ray Nicholson opens up about edgy love story ‘Borderline’

up about edgy love story ‘Borderline’

Nicholson stars

as a helplessly romantic sociopath that escapes from a mental institution and invades the home

Nicholson spoke

with Variety about the project and his burgeoning career

Right now,

there’s a tendency to seek out this idea of moral perfection in characters that

I’m always

looking for material that I can connect to on a personal level

All of

the people on that team rocked, and I loved working with them

We laughed

together so much and genuinely enjoyed being around each other, which you can’t say

Are you

ready to have a large number of films get released in quick succession? 

I feel

prepared for where the future is taking me, and I’m certainly not cowering under

I want

people to like the work, and I love the process of making films

I’m in

love with the camp and circus environment that it creates and the relationships that

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