'Rian Johnson Receives ‘Visionary’ Director at Hamilton Behind the

‘Visionary’ Director at Hamilton Behind the

It’s rare

for sequels to make a big splash on the awards circuit; only two have

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people, gather them around you like a family, and it makes it a lot more

Actor Kathryn

Hahn, one of the film’s many stars, presented the award to Johnson at the

6 ceremony,

but not before a heartfelt tribute that had the audience erupting into laughter

Hahn said,

“I can’t say enough about this jerk, I love him so much

The Hamilton

Behind the Camera Awards annually serves to recognize the outstanding artisans who contribute to the

Honorees represent

a wide spectrum of vocations in the film industry from production design to sound editing

This year’s

ceremony took place at Avalon Hollywood & Bardot and was hosted by standup comedian

“I quickly

realized there are a few reasons people don’t make UFO movies that often,” Peele

There are

a lot of clouds in this screenplay: aliens hiding in clouds, people talking about clouds,

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