'‘Rings of Power’ Cast Members Talk Racist Backlash to

Cast Members Talk Racist Backlash to

In an

interview with Variety, the three actors of color spoke about the racist backlash to their

“There’s been

a little bit of apology, a little bit of silence, but there’s been

How does

it feel to be at this large Comic-Con like event in a medieval Tuscan town

Cynthia Addai-Robinson:

I’m excited when I see the level of creativity and passion

All these

different films, television shows, books, comic books and manga

Just the

time that people take to literally craft these costumes from what they have at home!

When people

come to these events it’s about finding their community

Since what

we are doing can be challenging sometimes, it’s a good reminder of why we

Sophia Nomvete:

The one thing I’ll add to that is that the difference here is that

Ismael Cruz

Córdova: I’m very appreciative to whoever created this, that they’ve created a

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