'Roku, Vix, Warner Bros. Discovery Execs Join Gen Z

Bros. Discovery Execs Join Gen Z

Discovery will

come together in the Variety Streaming Room for a panel discussion, “Gen Z Entertainment – Finding

Variety’s New

York digital editor Todd Spangler will moderate the virtual conversation

Panelists include

Severine Cukierman, director of CTV, Vix; Jonathan Goodstadt, senior director, global ad sales, media &

; and Regina

Sommese, group VP, subscriber growth & media at Warner Bros

Gen Z,

the first digitally-native cohort, now constitutes a large portion of today’s consumers

This group

embraces a wider media mix with unique entertainment habits, so it’s important that marketers

In this

session, the panelists will share key Gen Z insights across search, content affinity and audience

They will

also discuss how they’re navigating these trends to find and win the next wave

The Variety

Streaming Room features relevant B2B discussions with industry thought leaders

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