'Saudi Arabia’s Neom Media Hub Lures First Bollywood Movie

Media Hub Lures First Bollywood Movie

“Dunki,” which

is set in various parts of the world, only did a second unit shoot in

“I think

our ambitions are much greater than theirs,” Borg noted, referring to the UAE

He said

the plan is to build more than 40 sound stages at Neom over the next four

A further

seven, including a high-tech volumetric sound stage, are set to open by Q1 2023

“We’re building

our ability for shows like this to attract talent because they are seeing that

Regarding flights,

there are now direct flights from Dubai into Neom, and starting in late December there

“It’s a

four-and-a-half-hour flight that’s straight into Neom,” Borg said

“Neom Airport

is literally 10 minutes away from our media village, so it’s very close

It will

be interesting to see if, and when, they can start luring Hollywood shoots

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