'Selena Gomez Premieres ‘My Mind & Me’ at AFI

‘My Mind & Me’ at AFI

“I was

going to release this documentary multiple times and it never really felt right,” the star

I just

hope that this will carry on to something like a conversation that people will use

At an

onstage Q&A following the premiere, Gomez elaborated on that same thought

“It’s OK

to feel not good enough and to feel like you’re complicated and complex

It’s just

about having a healthy relationship with how you talk to yourself, how you seek

“I hope

this starts a chain reaction of people saying, ‘Hey, I want to say something about

Even if

just one person is impacted by this film, I would consider myself the luckiest girl

Selena Gomez:

My Mind & Me is out on Apple TV+ starting Friday (Nov

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