'Selena Gomez Teases New Music, Talks Cole Sprouse Childhood

New Music, Talks Cole Sprouse Childhood

Selena Gomez

is preparing to give the world a closer look at her time in the spotlight

” The film

follows the singer, actress and producer on a six-year journey as she navigates the pressures

Gomez got

candid during the documentary’s premiere at AFI Festival Wednesday evening, sharing that she isn’

“By being

fully honest and transparent about what I walked through, there’s nothing that they can

Gomez also

shared the difficult feelings she had looking back at footage of her as a child

“Being able

to see that version of myself and watching it back broke my heart, knowing I

But I

feel like it was important to share it because I did want people to start

“It wasn’t

necessarily me being upset with Disney itself

’ My experience

was wonderful, but the title just carried on and it hurt my feelings,” Gomez shared

Gomez also

got honest about her childhood crush on Cole Sprouse

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