'Shirley Baskin Familian Dead: KCET Co-Founder Was 101

Dead: KCET Co-Founder Was 101

Shirley Baskin

Familian, a founder of the public television station KCET, died Oct

Working with

her first husband, Burton Baskin, Baskin Familian co-founded the public television station KCET in Los

In 1964,

KCET became an affiliate of the National Educational Television network

Baskin Familian

served as a board member for KCET for more than 60 years

Born in

Winnipeg, Canada, Baskin Familian attended the University of Washington, studying art and design and serving

The two

married and moved to Southern California after Burton served four years in the Navy

Notably, Baskin

Familian’s brother, Irv Robbins, created the ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins alongside Burton Baskin

Baskin Familian

worked with her husband and brother in building Baskin-Robbins

Widowed at

47 by Burton Baskin, Shirley then married Aaron Goldfarb, who died after less than a year

Baskin Familian

continued to produce art throughout her life, completing her most recent piece at the age

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