'‘SNL’ Cold Open Takes Aim at Elections With Cecily

Takes Aim at Elections With Cecily

“Saturday Night

Live”‘s cold open focused on the national drama surrounding hard-fought elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania

Mehmet Oz,

cast member Mikey Day, donned a Phillies hat and awkwardly spoke of having a delicious “

Pressed about

denying the 2020 election results, Lake deflects the centerpiece of her campaign, explaining why she appeals

“I’m normal

Judy, I’m just a regular hometown gal constantly in soft focus,” she said,

“Arizonans want

to talk about the issues that affect them, like crime in New York, or crime

“Men dressing

as loud sassy women, introducing children to the joys of reading? Not on my watch

“If the

people of Arizona elect me, I’ll make sure they never have to vote again,”

Herschel Walker,

portrayed by Kenan Thompson, side stepped the “Like the great Trump Donald said, I can

29 episode

was hosted by musician Jack Harlow, who pulled double duty as musical guest

The cast

also includes James Austin Johnson, Sarah Sherman, Marcello Hernandez, Molly Kearney, Michael Longfellow and Walker

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