'SoundCloud, Third & Hayden Form Joint Venture Label

Hayden Form Joint Venture Label

SoundCloud has

linked up with Third & Hayden, the Atlanta management and services company founded by music

The first

two acts to sign to the new venture are Los Angeles singer/songwriter Jordan Hawkins

“We want

artists to find success as independents to set the foundation for long-term careers and move

“I think

it was the understanding that building isn’t an overnight thing,” she said

“It will

allow me to fund their careers from a startup level in a way that includes

We’re always

gonna be scrappy and resourceful, but it’s always nice to have a little

So we’ll

be able to activate digitally a little more than we would be able to

“Some artists

may feel like, after three projects, I want to go to a major, and that’

So I

want to leave it open-ended: whatever you want to do, let’s put a team

“I think

what we’re missing in the industry as a whole is, everyone’s in such

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