'‘Spector’ Review: The Life and Crime of Phil Spector,

Life and Crime of Phil Spector,

The pop

hits of Phil Spector — and there are many of them — depend on a theatrical maximalism

As a

producer, Spector’s innovation was the “Wall of Sound,” a shock-and-awe approach to music that

Spector’s reputation

today is, rightly, more rooted in the events of his life than in the

(He died

in 2021, incarcerated for the 2003 murder of the actor Lana Clarkson

) But “Spector,”

a four-part documentary series on Showtime directed by Sheena M

Joyce and

Don Argott, works to make a case that his music — its particular qualities and the

Like many

artists, Spector drew from life; his first hit, the Teddy Bears’ “To Know Him Is

When Spector

was a child, his father died by suicide, a violent and baleful act that hung

Children in

his situation, Vikram Jayanti — a documentarian who conducted a rare interview with Spector — tells the

After some

brief engagement with his childhood, we arrive at his prodigious early music career, in which

$40B in 2021 —

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