'Sugita Masakazu ‘Remember to Breathe’ – Variety

to Breathe’ – Variety

But in

the final scenes all is devastatingly revealed in a highly focused, carefully calibrated performance by

Watching the

work of Inoue, who had once starred in pop dramas and movies, but had since

She could

be persuasive just by standing there, without saying a word

Sugita admits

that Inoue hesitated before accepting the role

“I asked

her to accept the challenge of making the film with me,” he said

“She finally

decided to do it as a chance that might come only once in her acting

Unlike his

previous film, which was based on his own experience as a survivor of a major

“This time

I wanted to put some distance between myself and the story,” Sugita said

He also

wanted to avoid the kind of over-explaining that is so common in Japanese films, indies

“I’m a

bit worried that foreign audiences will have trouble understanding Yuko’s character, since she

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