'‘The Fabelmans’ Is the Rare Great Movie About the

the Rare Great Movie About the

When I

saw Steven Spielberg’s “The Fabelmans” at the Toronto Film Festival in September, I absolutely

And while

I never expected the film to be some breakout smash, my hope for it — and

I assumed

that a drama about how Steven Spielberg got to be the genius he is would

“The Fabelmans,”

I think, has a bad title — it sounds like a sitcom starring David Schwimmer and

But the

movie is a rapt and enveloping experience, a true memoir on film

(If Spielberg

had written the story of his youth in book form, without changing the names, I

It’s not

that the two hate each other; they’re just not right for each other

That’s because

he was flying blind, making it all up as he went along

You might

say, “Spielberg and the scratchy 8mm home movies he made as a kid? Sorry, but

” Except that

Spielberg occupies a special place in our culture

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