'‘The Maiden’ Review: A Melancholic Study Teenagers in Wake

A Melancholic Study Teenagers in Wake

Something or

someone is definitely haunting the grassy Calgary ravine where much of Graham Foy’s ambitiously

But whether

the elegance of his aspirations is quite done justice by the sometimes distractingly elliptical nature

“The Maiden”

is magnificently moody, but only intermittently moving

Jiménez) hanging

out during one of those empty yet paradoxically eventful days that we all had

They talk

about nothing and everything and dare each other to board down a steep grassy hillside

They discover

a dead cat in an abandoned building site, and with the kind of grossed-out fascination

But just

when it seems there’s not much more to them than this idle boneheaded shuffling

They build

and decorate a little raft and send its corpse off down the river like in

Suddenly, we

like them, these languid, loose-limbed lost boys

DP Kelly

Jeffrey’s photography casts a dreamlike spell that makes the transition from woozy realism to

Kelly Clarkson, Kelsea Ballerini,

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