'‘The Perfect Introduction’

10-dated Hot

100, marking his first entry on the all-genre songs chart

But perhaps

the biggest look Fridayy has received amid his breakout year came in October with “Forever,”

The song,

which boasts impassioned bars from Lil Baby, is based on a collaboration of Fridayy’s

21, and

what other collaborations are currently in the works

The song

was originally me and Vory — I was on the hook and Vory was on the

And then

Lil Baby hit up Vory, like, “Who’s singing on the hook?” And then Vory

” That’s how

it came about: Vory showed love and helped me out on that part

Had you

ever gotten in contact with Lil Baby before? Did you have any kind of relationship

And then

when I got on the phone with him, he was like, “Bro, I need like

” He said

it was so crazy, he forgot it ain’t had no beat! So I was

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