'The Walking Dead: Spinoffs and Future for Skybound Entertainment

Spinoffs and Future for Skybound Entertainment

The TV

megahit “The Walking Dead” will end its historic run on AMC this Sunday, but that

There’s a

slew of current and forthcoming extensions of the zombie-happy brand, courtesy of the production

CEO David

Alpert, who co-founded the company with series creator Robert Kirkman, have plans for “Walking Dead”

“We think

that there’s opportunities to be telling stories in this space for the rest of

” The interview

was conducted earlier this month at the Future of Television summit, prior to a lawsuit

There are

already three “Walking Dead” spinoff series and another three on the way, as well as

And like

“Walking Dead,” which started as a comic book conceived by Kirkman before jumping to TV,

“I’d say

historically, production companies are oriented around a method of distribution,” said Alpert

“They’re making

television to be displayed in cable or broadcast

They’re making

movies to be in theaters, or now in streaming

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