'Tokyo Film Festival: Finalists of Amazon Prime Video Take

Finalists of Amazon Prime Video Take


the second year in a row TIFF is hosting the Amazon Prime Video Take One Awards

This year

veteran director Yukisada Isao presided over a jury that sifted through 83 entries to come up

Of this

number five are female, including fourteen-year-old Asumi Momoha

” Also, he

found entries by women filmmakers more “surprising

” “They’re tackling

their themes in a fresh way,” he explained

Acknowledging that

working with new directors, scriptwriters and actors is “important,” Kodama added that it “also carries

” By sponsoring

the Take One Awards, he explained, Amazon is able to evaluate a large number of

“So, we’re

more likely to have a success than by randomly working with new directors,” he

Last year’s

winner, Kim Yunsoo, said that he is working on a screenplay in cooperation with

” “But I’m

very grateful I was selected as a finalist,” he continued

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