'‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ shoot raises Peru profile

the Beasts’ shoot raises Peru profile

(“Creed II”),

the upcoming “Transformers” is said to have injected an estimated $10 million-plus into Peru’s economy

More than

30 vehicles, including trucks, high speed cars, motorbikes and VW classics, were shipped to Peru for

In the

past, people had to use a journalist visa to work on audiovisual projects in the

, which provided

production services to the reportedly $200 million pic

Shot in

last year from late September to November, the production took over the towns of Cusco,

Having an

Ecuadorian DP, Enrique Chediak (“Bumblebee,” “127 Hours”), also helped smoothen any language barriers although many department

The production

is still reeling from the loss of one of its producers, Duncan Henderson (“Oblivion” “Maleficent”),

He was

“like a father to us,” says Canale, adding: “His experience and knowhow were priceless

” “Transformers: Rise

of the Beasts” is slated to premiere June 9

“Yawar means

blood in the Quechua language but it also sounds like jaguar [silent j] in reference

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