'‘Turning Red’ among award season animated movies from women

award season animated movies from women

As calls

for diversity and gender parity in entertainment are reshaping the industry, animation continues to promote

I think

what we’ve seen is the net result of probably a decade of toiling in

For Toliver,

vice president of animation for Netflix, women mentors made all the difference

“I was

very shy and I remember being in rooms just really afraid to speak and had

“But I

remember Karen Foster, who’s a producer at DreamWorks, taught me how to stand up

I remember

Meredith Roberts sharing stories that just gave me the understanding that other people were going

You see

how all of these women move with grace through their careers and just being able

If I

didn’t have those ladies to call, I don’t know what I would do

Nora Twomey,

helmer of Oscar-contender “My Father’s Dragon,” sees the generation coming up behind her as

The filmmaker

believes years of pushing for gender parity have helped create this attitude

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