'Twitter Head of US Content Partnerships Sarah Rosen Quits

US Content Partnerships Sarah Rosen Quits

Amid Elon

Musk’s head-spinning reign of chaos at Twitter, which most recently included his unilateral decision

content partnerships

at Twitter leading all efforts with partners in the region across entertainment, news and sports,

“Took me

a few days to come to terms with saying goodbye to 8

“My time

here was the absolute privilege of my career & I’m forever grateful to my

Also exiting

Twitter was Maggie McLean Suniewick, a former NBCUniversal exec who had just joined the company

Just pride

and respect for my team and for our partners,” she tweeted Friday

“We showed

up for each other and we always did the right thing

Experiencing this

culture built around inclusivity and humanity will power me for years to come

Twitter head

of ad sales Robin Wheeler resigned last week but reportedly had been persuaded by Musk

you were always

my first and only priority,” Wheeler tweeted Nov

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