'Twitter to Make Massive Layoffs Friday via Email

Massive Layoffs Friday via Email

In a

major cost-cutting move by new owner Elon Musk, Twitter has notified employees that there will

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and that they’ll be notified by email about whether they will continue to have a job

The companywide

email did not indicate how big the cutbacks would be

Musk has

been planning to axe about 50% of the staff, or around 3,700 of Twitter’s 7,500 employees, according

The email

sent to employees Thursday was signed only “Twitter

“In an

effort to place Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process

Because of

“the nature of our distributed workforce and our desire to inform impacted individuals as quickly

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Friday about whether they’ve been pink-slipped or whether they will continue to be employed,

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help ensure the safety of each employee as well as Twitter systems and customer data,” the

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a six-month back-and-forth during which the world’s richest person tried to back out of the

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