'UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer Asks Staff to ‘Support Boycott

Zimmer Asks Staff to ‘Support Boycott

Public instances

of anti-semitism around Los Angeles have prompted UTA co-founder and CEO Jeremy Zimmer to issue

“As a

company we stand for a wide diversity of voices and ideas; But we can’t

 Powerful voices

spewing hatred have frequently driven people to do hateful things

As a

result of incendiary remarks Ye made on news media, Antisemites took to a Los Angeles

Also on

Sunday, fliers were distributed around Brentwood identifying entertainment executives as “Jewish

Ye was

once a client of UTA, although it was short-lived and he returned to his previous

     Regrettably, anti-Semitism, racism

and many forms of hate and intolerance are part of the fabric of society

 Generally, they live

as a plague eroding the health of communities and are combatted by understanding, tolerance

But throughout

history some have used their public platform to spew the plague out loud and spread

Kanye is

the latest to do so, and we’re seeing how his words embolden others to

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