'VERIVERY React to ‘Tap Tap’ Success And More

‘Tap Tap’ Success And More

Despite fluctuating

album sales and public reactions through the years, the group pushed into 2022 as their most

VERIVERY’s third

major musical shift began in early 2021 with the release of their Series ‘O’ Round 1:

“The lifetime

of an idol isn’t that long,” dancer-rapper Hoyoung says

“After being

a member of VERIVERY for four years, we do have to think about the future

” Leader and

eldest member Dongheon admits, “We were afraid for our future

After speaking

the worst-case scenario out loud and pushing on regardless, VERIVERY returned last week with the

Instead of

a new direction, the band returned to their rookie roots with another bright, bouncy single

Almost like

a rebirth, Liminality smashed their best sales records in days while “Tap Tap” took their

1-winning spot

on Korea’s competitive music-chart program Show Champion

“It took

us 1,415 days to reach where we are at right now,” the group says in a

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