'‘Violent Night’ Review: David Harbour in a Bloody Action

David Harbour in a Bloody Action

The now-ancient

joke about the kind of pitches that movie executives respond to (“It’s ‘Avengers 2’…meets ‘

We’re the

ones who like our special-sauce tacos stuffed inside a bacon burger topped with a

And “Violent

Night” is a movie that takes the oversize appetite of the audience very seriously

The title

might lead you to expect a holiday horror film, with Santa as a mad slasher ­—

To wake

up the jaded taste buds of today’s holiday movie audience, you need a piece

So consider

this: a comedy about a filthy-rich family whose members can’t stand each other but

, mansion of

their misanthropic matriarch, Gertrude Lightstone (Beverly D’Angelo), for a little forced holiday cheer

Before the

festivities have begun, they’re set upon by a ruthless team of home invaders led

He sets

the tone with a hearty “Bah humbug, motherfucker!,” and the foul-mouthed Yuletide spirits escalate from

What he

wasn’t counting on is Santa Claus, who’s making his yearly Christmas pitstop

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