'Wakanda Forever’ Soundtrack, Plus More

Plus More

11) where

the much-anticipated Black Panther sequel will be watched in theaters across the nation

Ludwig Göransson,

who won his first Oscar for best original score for Black Panther, worked on

Ryan and

I created this spark, and Tems and Rihanna sort of turned that spark into a

The film’s

director, Ryan Coogler, echoes these sentiments, saying that working with Tems, Rihanna, and Gö

Göransson and

Coogler’s relationship goes back over a decade and it’s “always great to

“Tems, I’ve

become very fond of in recent years, since learning about her and her story

I was

amazed to be able to sit with her and have her contribute her artistry and

“Rihanna, I’ve

been listening to her since she came out, since ‘Pon de Replay

’ And her

music has had a very meaningful effect on my life and the life of my

I think

back on some of our most memorable moments, and she was like a soundtrack for

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