'Watch Doechii “Stressed” Official Music Visual

Official Music Visual

Doechii wears

her Tampa crown proudly as the self-dubbed “swamp princess

” Since her

viral debut with “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” in 2020 prior to her signing with TDE, the Floridian

“Stressed,” her

latest buzzworthy release, is a dual R&B and rap anthem, showcasing Doechii’s

The song

incorporates a push and pull relationship with keeping her anxiety and vices at bay, backed

To honor

her home, Honda and Billboard recreated the Tampa native’s swampland origins as the immersive

“’Stressed’ is

basically me divorcing all my bad habits,” says Doechii, “like alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and

The repetition

of “I must” in the chorus oddly creates a soothing melodic flow for the anxiety-ridden

“I must

be lost in my regrets/ I must be down; I must be stressed…It must

” Parting from

her woes, the song’s tempo picks up halfway, with the adlib “we coming for

Supported by

two foreground dancers and an all-female live band, the marsh heiress continues to deliver a

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