'Weinstein Trial: Expert Testifies About Rape Victim Behaviors

Testifies About Rape Victim Behaviors

“Most of

the things people believe are not accurate or supported by facts,” Ziv said, telling the

Ziv is

a forensic psychiatrist and licensed physician who specializes in all aspects of sexual assault, assessing

Ziv testified

as an expert in Weinstein’s first criminal trial in New York City in 2020, as

“You testified

about rape myths … Those are broad generalizations about conduct,” Jackson said, to which Ziv replied, “

Ziv was

called on by the prosecution as an expert to bolster their case

“If people

don’t report promptly, they say they don’t remember years later,” Ziv said

“It’s not

that they’re lying … people try to give their best … they are trying to

Ziv explained

that while police sometimes use those “memory problems” to say a victim is not credible,

Rapes often

occur among people who know each other, despite most people believing assaults are usually by

“Most people

are raped by somebody who is known to them,” she told the jury

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