'What Samuel L. Jackson Misses Most About Broadway

Jackson Misses Most About Broadway

Jackson is

back on Broadway for the first time in a decade in “The Piano Lesson,” the

In a

keynote conversation at Variety‘s 2022 Business of Broadway breakfast, the busy Marvel movie star revealed

“The audiences

are a thing that I love,” he said during the discussion, which is now available

“I love

the energy of it, which is one of the reasons that I’m back

You do

enough movies or you do enough TV or whatever, and you miss people applauding for

Because, you

know, grips and ADs and other people [on a film set], they don’t care

He also

made it clear why he doesn’t do more stage work, much as he’d

“I try

to have a vision of what the playwright wrote but didn’t necessarily see,” she

“My mentor,

Douglas Turner Ward, told me that great playwrights write, and at the end of what

He said

that great writers are visited by spirits and that they write from that vantage point,

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