'‘White Lotus’ Stars Tease Sex in Season 2, With

Tease Sex in Season 2, With

Season 1

of “The White Lotus” took merciless aim at a group of wealthy tourists who cross paths

Simona Tabasco,

who plays devious sex worker Lucía, hinted at the “level of stress” viewers will

“I think

that Season 2 is a lot sexier, and it’s a little bit more sinister right

“It’s really

action-packed, actually — I think people are gonna be surprised

While much

has changed this season of “The White Lotus” — a new location and a (mostly) new

“It just

felt like everything is different — the cast is different, location is different, the vibe is

“It felt

like starting in the same kind of way that we did in the first season,

“And there

may be more than one,” teased Theo James, who plays manipulative finance bro, Cameron

Other newcomers

to “The White Lotus” praised White’s writing, which abandons the idea of heroes and

Murray Abraham,

whose Bert Di Grasso travels to Sicily with his son and grandson to get in

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